Message from the Chair of the Special Forces Pension Board

April 25, 2016

For many, the onset of spring encourages renewed focus and strengthened commitments. The Board is well on its way toward ensuring the same, despite the many challenges our existing environment brings.

Denis JubinvilleAs mentioned in my previous Chair's message, an ongoing and rather acute challenge for this Board is the approval of appointments and reappointments from the Government of Alberta for our Board members. Currently, four appointments remain outstanding which prevents the Board from having quorum and meeting. As you might guess, this creates added risk to the Plan. We continue to make appointments a primary focus and manage this risk inasmuch as is possible. We expect a meeting soon with Alberta Treasury Board and Finance to discuss this and other important pension issues.

Concurrent with this message to you, the April 2016 issue of SFPP Member News has just been released. The focus on improved communications is also a Board priority this year and the topics in our spring edition of Member News reflects our ongoing commitment to have members, employers and key stakeholders better understand the many facets of the Plan and the various initiatives in place at any given time.

In particular, the newsletter focuses on a few topics that the Board and its staff receive a number of inquiries on: 1) marital breakdown and the division of pension funds when that happens and 2) how the Board deals with both reviewing and improving Plan member equity. I encourage you to take a moment to carefully review these two important articles.

In this issue you will also learn that SFPP's Plan Administrator, APS, has a new commitment, as well. Making certain new pensioners receive their first pension cheque within 30 days of their retirement date has become a top priority for APS this year and the results to date are showing a marked improvement. That's good news for members.

It is the Board's intent to continue to provide you with the latest Plan information and explain what we are doing for the Plan's financial health and well-being. We do this through our website and through newsletter topics that we hope you find interesting, helpful and relevant. As always, I invite you to reach out to the Board with questions or concerns you may have by emailing

Denis Jubinville
Chair, Special Forces Pension Board