Relationship Changes During Retirement

If you get married, re-marry or enter into a common-law type relationship after you're collecting an SFPP pension, you won't be able to designate your new spouse or common-law partner as your pension partner.

This is because your pension option cannot be changed after you're collecting your pension. Depending on the pension option you chose at retirement, you may be able to name your new spouse or partner as a beneficiary to receive any available SFPP benefit upon your death.

If you had a pension partner when you started your pension, they'll remain entitled to a monthly pension after your death even if your relationship ends. Visit our Relationship Breakdowns page for more information.

Contact us for more information if your pension started before Jan. 1, 1994, and you chose the Joint Lifetime With Reduced Survivor Benefit Guaranteed at Least 5 Years pension option; the information above doesn't apply to you.