Appeal Process

Have you recently been denied a request that affects your pension benefit?

If you disagree with any decision made by SFPP's pension benefit administrator, Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS), which affects your pension plan status or benefit payments, the following outlines your right of recourse.

Request an Explanation from APS

If you have a concern with a decision made by APS and want more information, contact us by phone or send a message through the Secure Mailbox on APS staff should be able to answer your questions or explain the Plan’s rules.

Request an Administrative Review

If you believe APS may have overlooked some important information in your request or feel there are extenuating circumstances that weren't considered, you can request a formal administrative review of the decision. This review might help to clarify either your concern or APS’ decision.

To request an administrative review by APS, write a letter to:

Client Service Advocate
c/o Alberta Pensions Services Corporation
5103 Windermere Boulevard SW
Edmonton, AB T6W 0S9

Or contact APS through the Secure Mailbox on

In your letter, you should state you are asking for an administrative review of the decision. Be sure to detail your concern with the decision and why you believe it should be reviewed. Please also include your name, address and the name of your employer, if applicable, in the letter.

Your request for an administrative review by our benefit administrator, APS, should be made in writing within 30 days from the date you were informed of the decision with which you disagree.

Administrative Review Findings

APS will closely examine your request, the information in your file and the decision to ensure the Plan's legislation and/or APS' administrative procedures and policies have been correctly followed and applied. APS will then respond to you in writing with its findings.

If, after the administrative review, you are not satisfied with APS' decision, you can appeal the decision to the Special Forces Pension Board (SFPB or the Board). The Board has the authority to hear and make final decisions regarding administrative decisions made by APS.

Appeal Decision to SFPB

Keep in mind that appealing a decision to the Board can take some time, typically about 6 months to complete. It's also important to know that although the Board has been delegated the authority to review administrative decisions made by APS, the Board is also governed by the Plan's legislation. This means the Board can only award a benefit or provide a remedy that is expressly allowed under the Plan's legislation.

The request for the Board to hear your appeal must be made in writing within 60 days following the date of the letter advising you of the outcome of the initial APS review. The Board may agree to extend this time limit in some circumstances.

To appeal the decision to the Board, you must send a written statement to the Board at the following address:

Special Forces Pension Board
c/o Alberta Pensions Services Corporation
5103 Windermere Boulevard SW
Edmonton, AB T6W 0S9

Your written statement should explain the matter you wish to be reviewed and include:

  • a request for the Board to hear your appeal;
  • confirmation that APS has completed an administrative review;
  • the grounds for the review outlining your point-of-view and the reasons you believe the Board should review your case;
  • the facts; and
  • the remedy you are seeking.

Alternatively, you can fill out the Notice of Appeal form.

During the appeal process, APS will provide a written submission outlining the reasoning behind the decision. A copy of this submission will be provided to you so that you may reply and add any additional information that you feel is needed. The written submission process usually takes about 3 months.

After the Board has received all requested information, a hearing will be scheduled. You'll be offered the opportunity to attend the hearing to make a verbal presentation, if you choose. You may also choose to bring a representative to assist you. The Board will advise you of any necessary arrangements for your attendance. Attendance at the hearing is optional; if you do not attend, the Board will review your case based on the written material provided.

Following the hearing, the Board will provide you and APS with a written decision.