Special Forces Pension Plan has an investment fund of more than $4 billion and those investments are managed by Alberta Investment Management Corporation, also known as AIMCo.

AIMCo is a crown corporation of the government of Alberta and manages investments for 17 clients, including pension funds, endowment funds and government funds. AIMCo is a global money manager with offices around the world, investing about $160 billion on behalf of its clients. You can read more about AIMCo on its website at

AIMCo invests the SFPP Fund under the direction of an investment policy set by the SFPP Corporation Board of Directors and reviewed annually. While it is AIMCo that chooses the best investment opportunities for meeting the risk and return objectives of SFPP, it does so within the asset allocation and risk parameters set by the Board.

SFPP Corporation provides ongoing oversight of AIMCo investments to ensure that the guidelines are followed and performance benchmarks are set and met. AIMCo and SFPP work together throughout the year to achieve the best financial outcome for SFPP members, the beneficiaries of the fund.