The Special Forces Pension Board (SFPB or the Board) operates under legislation, processes and procedures to oversee the business and affairs of the SFPP. The Board has been given responsibility to make important decisions regarding the Plan such as setting contribution rates, funding, investments and Plan design.

The 7-member Board is supported by a management team that assists the Board with all operational functions.

Governing documents establish the expectations of the Trustee, and responsibilities of the SFPB, and legislated service providers (APS and AIMCo).

The Board meets regularly with a group of sponsor representatives called a Sponsor Committee. Though not a formal part of the governance structure, the Sponsor Committee is an important group by which the Board can elicit input concerning the Plan on such issues as communications, risks, funding and Plan design.

The Board is also guided by policies that outline roles and responsibilities, rules of ethical conduct, sharing of information, protection of privacy, and investment guidelines. This section provides an overview of the people and processes that are accountable to ensure the Plan is operating efficiently and effectively.