Software Program Validates Address Information on mypensionplan

April 29, 2010

We've implemented iAddress - a software program which validates address information on mypensionplan and modifies it to conform to Canada Post standards. This helps ensure important pension information isn't lost or returned to us.

The next time you update your address information on mypensionplan, you'll notice a few changes. In most cases, iAddress will automatically format the address fields and you will confirm the address by pressing the "Update" button.

If iAddress can't recognize the address, the program may prompt you with other address possibilities. You can accept one of the suggestions or enter the address again and save it by pressing the "Update" button.

In some cases, iAddress will have no suggestions, for example, for addresses in new neighbourhoods. You can enter the address and save it by pressing the "Update" button.

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  • update address and beneficiary information; and
  • get detailed information about your pension plan.

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