2010 Financial Statements

June 23, 2011

The Special Forces Pension Plan (SFPP) 2010 audited Financial Statements are now available. The Financial Statements outline the assets, investments and liabilities of the Plan.

Based on members' feedback, we have adopted a new approach to communicating year-end financial information about the Plan. The audited Financial Statements, which are prepared by Alberta Finance and Enterprise, are the first component of the annual report that is posted. The remaining components of the annual report (the investment report, administrator's report and Board governance statement) will follow in a consolidated document in the coming weeks.

The annual report highlights that used to be mailed to all members in the spring has now being replaced by a semi-annual newsletter containing topical information about the Plan. The objective of the newsletter is to create a dialogue about the benefits and status of the Plan and how that fits into members' future career, financial and retirement plans.

The newsletter will be available online and in the future, members will have the option to sign-up via mypensionplan to "go green" and receive e-mail notifications of future newsletters. Watch for updates to sign up for the "go green" feature this fall!

SFPP values members' input and looks forward to your comments and suggested topics about the newsletter, which will be hitting mailboxes this spring and fall. E-mail your feedback to: mediacontact@sfpp.ca.