Pension Highlights Statements

Pension Highlights (formerly the member annual statement) provides a high-level overview of your pension activities for the last year, including:

  • your pensionable salary;
  • your pensionable service; and
  • your accumulated pension (if applicable).

Pension Highlights statements are sent each year as employers submit their year-end member information. Even if you are no longer contributing, but have left funds in the Plan, the annual statement lets you ensure all your information is correct and up-to-date.

The statements are sent by mail, unless you’ve opted to Go Green. In that case, your statement will be available on mypensionplan. To Go Green and get e-mail notifications when annual statements, newsletters and other publications are available online, visit and select “Address and Contact Information.”

Click here to see a sample Pension Highlights statement.

mypensionplan can also help you see how your pension may be affected by different situations such as length of service, amount of salary or age at retirement. Use the Pension Projection Calculator to view future pension income, change your address information and update your beneficiary information.