Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

Where can I find the instructions for independent accountants or auditors?

The instructions are used to produce an Accountant's Report and to report related results to SFPP's administrator, Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS). These Instructions can be found on Pension e-guide under Employer Compliance Reporting.

Does an employer have to file the Statement of Non-Participating Employees (SF44) with APS each year?

Yes. Starting in 2015, as an employer you are required to file a SF44 directly with SFPP's administrator, Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS), each year. The SF44 should be filed with APS at the same time as the Annual Statement of Control Environment (ASCE).

Does the employer have to file an Annual Statement of Control Environment (ASCE) with APS each year?

Yes, the ASCE must be filed every year, including years an audit is not completed. A sample ASCE can be found on Pension e-guide.

What happens when an employee reaches 35 years of service?

The maximum pensionable service an employee may have is 35 years. If one of your employees reaches this milestone, their membership in the plan continues; however, you will need to stop remitting member and employer contributions on their behalf. The member's highest average salary, subject to the salary cap, used to calculate the pension when they retire may include the post-35 year salary even though contributions stopped.

What should I do if I have a suggestion for modifying the terms of the Plan?

The Board appreciates receiving feedback/suggestions for potential plan improvements. To send your feedback/suggestions, e-mail the SFPP Board at or write to SFPP Board address on the contact us page.

How do we recover overpayments for a Buyback account?
When contributions have been reported after a buyback account has been paid in full, or after buyback service has been prorated in the case of less-than full payment, the system will generate an overpayment invoice that can be transacted on the next remittance.
For further questions, contact your Employer Services Representative.
How do we report leaves spanning years?
Report any leaves during the year-end process. If a leave spans more than one year, when the later portion of the leave is reported a costing will be auto-generated for the entire leave. No additional reporting is required.
How do we find the current balance on a Buyback account for a member?
Members' balances are shown on the Periodic Reporting of Buyback Accounts report available through the report generator or through the search function available in the Remittance process.
How do we close application Buyback account because of incorrect information?

E-mail your Employer Services Representative requesting to close the account. There may be additional steps if payments have been remitted to SFPP?s administrator, Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS).

How do I reset my Employer Portal password?

Use the reset password function on the Employer Portal log in page.

For answers to questions not listed here, please contact your Employer Services Representative.